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How It Works:

  • Face masks are required inside the building at all times, including while climbing and working out.

  • Reservations at Silver Street are required during peak hours on weeknights (scroll down to book).

    During “Open Climbing,” reservations are not required. However, in the event the gym reaches capacity during “Open Climbing”, Momentum may implement a “one-in, one-out” policy, in which we admit people into the gym as others leave.

    Those in the gym during “Open Climbing” must leave at the end of open climbing. They may return if they have a reservation.

  • Reservations and Open Climb times are as follows:

    • Weekdays:

      • Open Climbing: 6am – 4pm
      • Reservations Required: 4:30pm – 6:30pm   |   6:45pm – 8:45pm
      • Open Climbing: 8:45pm – 11pm
    • Saturday

      • Open Climbing all day: 8am – 8pm
    • Sunday

      • Open Climbing all day: 10am – 8pm
  • “One-In, One-Out”

    Whether during “Open Climbing”, or during a reservation time slot, the gym operates with a capacity restriction. When we hit our capacity, we implement “one-in, one-out”, in which we only admit more people in the gym as others depart, so as not to exceed our capacity.  Typically we only hit “one-in, one-out” for short periods of time, and we usually don’t find that people end up waiting for more than 15 minutes or so until they’re admitted. That said, we strongly encourage anybody wanting to climb during our reservation times to make a reservation, and to arrive within the first 15 minutes, so as not to wait.

  • All climbers are welcome — members, punch pass users, and day-pass users. Members may bring a free guest on their monthly guest pass, and are also welcome to bring guests as part of Free Friend Friday (1st and 3rd Friday of the month). All climbers are encouraged to book their climbing time in advance.

  • All are encouraged to book ahead of time if they wish to climb during our reservation times. A reservation is the only way to ensure you will be able to access the facility at a given time. Drop in climbing without a reservation is available pending a no-show or cancelation, or that we are operating within our capacity.  You may be required to wait in line, or wait until we are under capacity to enter.  *We do not guarantee admittance for the drop in method.

  • Reservations will open 1 week in advance on a rolling schedule.
    For example: on Wednesday the 20th, the following Wednesday the 27th session will become available.

  • Climbers will line up outside the building prior to the beginning of their time slot (spaced out for social distance) and will be admitted in the order they’ve lined up.

  • Climbers signed up for a time slot who do not arrive within the first 15 minutes of the start time yield their position to anybody waiting.

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All visitors must enter the gym through the lobby and check-in at the front desk. At the end of your visit, please EXIT through the designated doors.

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