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Chris McFarland - Regional Manager/Sandy General Manager

Chris started climbing in 2003 when he took a trip to visit his older brother in Logan, Utah and has been climbing ever since.

Chris notes, "When it came time for me to pursue my climbing career, I focused on Momentum because of the strong emphasis it puts on climbing education and community. Momentum and its founders have deep roots in climbing history of the Wasatch; I am proud to be a part of its future.”

While completing his bachelors of science at Weber State University, Chris worked as a climbing instructor and trip leader for their Outdoor Program.

“I realized how much I enjoyed sharing my passion for rock climbing and teaching others about the sport,” explains Chris. “As climbing continues to gain popularity, it becomes ever more important for organizations like Momentum to provide high quality climbing instruction with an emphasis on safety and stewardship.”

Chris’s position at Weber State and guiding experience have helped define his future at Momentum. He holds a current Single Pitch Instructor certification from the American Mountain Guides Association and particularly enjoys helping to expand the Climbing School program at Momentum in hopes of ensuring that Momentum offers learning for everyone, from the first-time beginner to the lifelong climber.

When not climbing or at work, Chris can often be found reading or woodworking in his garage building picture frames, book shelves and other pieces of furniture.

Kevin Wellman - Assistant Manager

Kevin is your ultimate local, social climber. Growing up at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, he started bouldering his junior year of high school. He went from skipping first period almost everyday to climbing pretty much everyday when he could. He enjoys sport climbing, bouldering and has dabbled in crack climbing. He has been seen climbing at many local areas but Joe's Valley will always be his favorite.

Besides being a gym rat, Kevin is currently studying photography at SLCC and hopes to be done soon.
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Kiley Johnson - Assistant Manager

Kiley has been climbing around 4 years and is completely obsessed. Her favorite type is bouldering, like a boss, but she is beginning to delve into sport climbing as well. Her favorite area to boulder is definitely Joe's valley. Kiley began working at Momentum as a birthday party host and now works at the front desk. When Kiley isn't working or climbing she coaches track and field for Hillcrest High school and enjoys running, reading and spending time in the mountains. 040816UpdatedStaff Bio Portraits27379

Adrianne Briggs- Sandy Youth Program Manager

Adrianne entered the climbing world seeking another opportunity to explore the outdoors, challenge herself and and gain new skills. Since then she has found some favorite crags, specifically in St. George and up Big Cottonwood Canyon. She loves the feelings that come with sport climbing, providing her freedom and increasing her keen sense of adventure.

Adrianne has always had a passion for working with youth. She has been involved with Momentum Youth Programs coaching over the last couple of years, and is excited for even more opportunity now. Aside from her love of coaching the youth and climbing she also enjoys running, hiking, swimming, spending time with family and friends, and jamming on her ukulele.
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Caitlin Christensen - Sandy Membership Manager

Climbing caught Caitlin's attention in 2010, when she watched people climbing along Wall Street in Moab while on a camping trip. After returning to Salt Lake she immediately bought climbing shoes and began climbing. Caitlin enjoys using climbing as a way to get out and explore new places.

Caitlin started working at Momentum in 2012 while finishing her degrees in Psychology and Parks Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah. Caitlin lives for adventure climbing, she loves long approaches to hidden gems. Caitlin also spends her time working for a non-profit focused on getting people outside who might not have the ability or opportunity otherwise. When she's not working or climbing, Caitlin enjoys backcountry skiing, hiking and spending time with good friends.
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James Morgan

James is a Utah native who grew up in Cottonwood Heights. His proximity to the mountains instilled a love of nature, which was often explored through backpacking trips, canyoneering, mountain biking, climbing, and skiing.

Equal to James's passion for the outdoors is his passion for learning, especially in the field of natural sciences. This curiosity lead James to earn a degree in biomedical engineering with an emphasis in medical imaging physics.

James also has an innate love for people, and enjoys teaching and caring for others. Because James enjoys caring for people, and loves the pursuit of knowledge, he has chosen to become a physician, and is currently in the selection process at several medical schools.

While James is applying to medical school, he is enjoying a gap year which is filled with skiing several days per week, climbing, and working to build medical device startup company focused on remote diagnostics. James looks forward to sharing his love of climbing with you, and hopes to see you at Momentum soon.
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Chris Jones

1989 was a fantastic year for the world. First, the Berlin Wall came down. Second, Christopher Jones was born. He grew up in Payson, UT and was a child who had Walter Mitty like daydreams while he enjoyed games/movies, hiking, heights, and anything else outdoors. He first started climbing his junior year of high school when he worked at a high adventure Boy Scout camp. He was too young to be a backpacking instructor and was put on the climbing staff. The results: an enriching romance with with the rock developed. The romance, however, fell into hiatus when he left for Kobe, Japan to serve an LDS mission for two years. Upon return, he went to college at SUU and resumed his love for climbing and worked for the university's outdoor recreation program. After five years at the climbing wall and leading outdoor trips, he graduated in chemistry and a minor in creative writing. Since graduating, he moved up to South Jordan to continue working in the climbing industry while he gets his creative writing works out for publishing and considers what to do for graduate school.102716SDY_Staff_Portraits2083

Todd Cordery

I am a ginger with a soul, I love food and love anyone willing to bring me cookies.
My passions include mountain biking, back packing, climbing and cookies.

I love dogs and have a doberman named Nyx, she likes cookies too.

I like to spend my free time in the Uintas when there isnt a ton of snow.
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Mateo Weisgal

Born in the hills of the Andes in Colombia, raised in the streets of Chicago and honed his rockcraft in the mountains of Montana, Mateo has seen it all. First introduced to the vertical world in the scenic mountains of Colorado, Mateo tested his meddle in the unforgiving granite and limestone cliffs of Western Montana. An avid snowboarder when there is too much snow to crush the rock, Mateo is torn between the snowy slopes of the Wasatch and the granite buttresses of Little Cottonwood. 102716SDY_Staff_Portraits2042

Rachel Bell

Rachel is a Seattle native who moved to Utah for "school" (school here really means skiing). While in Utah she discovered climbing and it's been all downhill from there. Her favorite is multi-pitch climbing, but she's definitely a gym rat. She also teaches yoga and loves running, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people. She hopes to improve her climbing and spend as much time outside as possible.

Ian Allen

Ian is originally from Boise, Idaho and moved to Salt Lake in 2008. He really enjoys skiing and was very excited about moving to ski "The Greatest Snow on Earth" Aside from skiing and climbing, Ian is currently studying Marketing at the University of Utah. Ian also likes photography, listening to music, watching TV shows and movies in his free time.040916UpdatedStaff Bio Portraits27693

Krista Fehr

Krista is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Recreational Therapy at the University of Utah. She is happy to be working at Momentum as well as other part time seasonal jobs at Deer Valley in the winter, the National Ability Center in Park City, and Snowbird in the summer. Her free time is spent primarily climbing, hiking, skiing, reading, and playing with her puppy. Her favorite color is blue and she is absolutely addicted to mint, chocolate, and raspberry. 040816UpdatedStaff Bio Portraits27402

Mel Elizondo

Mel is a Utah native who only discovered climbing a few years ago and has been hooked ever since. She likes climbing all over Utah including Big & Little Cottonwood, Rock Canyon, Joe's Valley and Moab. She loves going on trips with friends to check out different climbing areas, her favorite so far is Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

When not climbing, she enjoys hiking, camping, reading, movies, concerts, and volunteering at Comic Conventions. Mel is excited to be a part of Momentum and meet fellow climbers.
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Parker Giles

Parker is a Los Angeles native who grew up living at the beach. His love of skating and surfing have transformed into climbing when he moved to Utah in 2010. He started climbing with a friend because it looked fun and would be a good workout. He has been climbing both indoors and outdoors ever since. He prefers sport and trad climbing, and his favorite spots are Ferguson Canyon and both Cottonwood Canyons.

He is finishing up his Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from Western Governor's University, and is excited to get his 9 month old into climbing as soon as he knows rocks are for climbing and not sucking on.
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Megan Duffy

Megan started climbing at the age of sixteen. You will typically find her in the bouldering room although she has a love for sport climbing as well. Her favorite places to climb are Joe's Valley, Big Cottonwood, and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. Aside from climbing she enjoys yoga and peak bagging.102716SDY_Staff_Portraits2092

Strauss Van Wagenen

Strauss started climbing at Momentum a couple of years ago and has been addicted ever since. He loves bouldering, but is always on the lookout for someone to belay him on the big walls! Some of his favorite places to climb are Little Cottonwood, Moab, Maple Canyon, and Yosemite. Aside from climbing, he loves art, pine trees, and Cafe Rio. 102716SDY_Staff_Portraits2085

Ryan Konesky

Ryan is a locally grown climber and has lived in Utah his entire life. During road trips to Park City he would often question his parents about why people were throwing there lives away climbing mountains. (he never noticed the ropes) Only until a few of years ago, when a couple of his co-workers took him climbing, did he finally find out why those people were climbing a mountain. He was initially introduced to rope-climbing, but after his co-workers canceled their climbing memberships he fell into the bodacious and exotic world of bouldering. His favorite place to boulder is Joes Valley.

Taylor Nelson

Taylor grew up in a small town in Idaho and moved to Utah 6 years ago. She was introduced to climbing through her Outdoor Recreation Degree at Utah Valley University. She has been climbing for about 5 years and it has become her favorite outdoor activity. Taylor primarily sport climbs and boulders but one day she would like to get more practice in traditional climbing. She also enjoys hiking with her dog, yoga, and snowboarding.
Taylor loves the Utah mountains but her heart belongs in the desert. Her favorite places to climb are St. George, Moab, and Red Rocks in Las Vegas.