January 2020 Competitive Team Tryouts

January 11th 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Momentum Katy
9:30 AM Check-In
9:45 AM Parent Meeting

What to Expect

Our tryout process is a one day, 4 hour performance evaluation with Momentum coaches ($75)

Tryout Registration

Registration opens online November 30th at Noon 


Our tryouts will take place at our Momentum Katy facility.

What to Bring?

  • Climbing Equipment – Shoes, chalk-bag, harness 
  • Athletic clothing suitable for high levels of activity 
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Willingness to work hard 

What are we looking for? 

  • Climbers with strong internal motivation & drive 
  • A solid foundation of physical athleticism 
  • A growth mindset towards long term learning 
  • Established base of refined climbing movement skills 
  • Ability to compete across the 3 disciplines of boulder, speed and lead/toprope 

+ USAC Membership 

If you are selected for the Team, to attend the USA Climbing Local competition your athlete will need to register with USA Climbing. They will need a Competitor Membership in order to qualify for Regionals, Divisionals and National level competition. You can also find a guidance grade breakdown for the competition below.