USA Climbing Bouldering Youth Divisional Championship

Momentum Lehi will be hosting a Youth Divisional Bouldering Competition January 13-14th, in partnership with USA Climbing (USAC).

This event will require portions of the gym to be closed to regular use in order to facilitate route setting and competition. Additional details about wall closures can be found below.

Youth USAC Athletes and Parents:

Momentum Indoor Climbing –Lehi
401 S 850 E. Suite C5
Lehi, UT 84043


This competition will be in on sight format.

4 minute climb, 1 minute transition, 4 minute rest, 1 minute transition

Qualifiers Schedule, Saturday

Morning ISO Check in: 7:00 AM, Closes at 8:00 AM
Morning Categories: FYD, MYD, FYC, MYC, MYB
Morning Climbing: 8:30 AM- 1:00 PM

Afternoon ISO Check in: 12:30 PM, Closes at 1:30 PM
Afternoon Categories: FYB, MYA, FYA, MJR, FJR
Afternoon Climbing: 2:00 PM-6:30 PM

Finals Schedule, Sunday

Morning ISO Check in: 7:30 AM, Closes at 8:30 AM
Morning Categories: MYD, MYC, MYB, FYB, MYA
Morning Climbing: 9:00 AM- 11:15 AM

Afternoon ISO Check in: 10:15, Closes at  11:15 AM
Afternoon Categories: FYD, FYC, FJR, FYA, MJR
Afternoon Climbing:  11:45 PM-1:00 PM

Awards: 1:30 PM


Please note that spectators are welcome to attend at no charge, but will be required to complete a waiver.

Volunteers are needed for both climbing days.  One free day pass for each hour worked! 

Every person that enters the the gym must have a liability waiver on file at Momentum. Climbers, coaches, even spectating parents. Online waivers are quick and easy to submit. Please Click Here to complete an online waiver.

Gym Closures: Monday, January 7th through Sunday, January 15th

Route setting activities will require the closure the gym areas outlined below. These areas will remain closed through Saturday, January 15th until the competition is finished.

All other gym climbing areas will be open throughout the week leading up to the competition.  They gym will be closed to the public for climbing during the competition.