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Devin Ashby - General Manager

Devin started climbing in 2000 at age 14 when The Quarry opened in Provo, UT, just walking distance from his home. He soon began working as a route stripper to pay for a membership. At age 17 he was promoted to Head Route setter where he worked until age 19 when he left to New Hampshire for two years.
Devin began working for Momentum in 2012 where he has worked through several positions, including Youth Program Director, Route Setter, Climbing School Instructor, and now General Manager of the Lehi location.

"Working for Jeff at The Quarry as a teenager and now an adult at Momentum has been one of the better things about my life. Momentum and the people I work with are why i've stuck around climbing for so long. I am excited to continue to work to grow the Lehi location and help create a great climbing community in North Utah County."

Devin will graduate with a degree in Outdoor Recreation Management in Summer 2017. When he's not slaving at the gym, he can be found in the mountains hiking and camping with his wife and daughter.

Devin also spends a large portion of his free time working on a side project called Backcountry Exposure, where he runs a YouTube Channel and website. He is an avid backpacker and spends time reviewing gear, posting trip reports, and sharing outdoor education.
Devin Staff

Chris Healy - Assistant Manager

Chris grew up all over the place due to coming from a military family, but claims St. George when asked where he’s from. It wasn’t until the fall of 2011, when he was 21, that he found climbing, although he had previously been involved with canyoneering and landscape photography including many long days spent in Zion National Park. His initial interest in climbing sparked from the West Temple, a 4000’ cliff in Zion. There is a route up the back side which consists of a strenuous hike and some smaller sections of technical climbing. He and his dad went and bought climbing shoes and began to learn how to climb. Though Chris started out with a big climb in mind and has dabbled in some sport climbing he much prefers the simple art and activity of bouldering. The solitude and pure problem solving encompassed with physical activity are what really bring it all together. Bouldering is truly where the heart of climbing lies.

Currently, Chris attends Utah Valley University and is pursuing a degree in Philosophy. When not in school, one will often find Chris bouldering inside at Momentum or outside at one of his favorite areas including Joe’s Valley and Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Chris H Staff

Taylor Shannon - Youth Program Manager

Taylor is originally from St. George, Utah. She grew up a tomboy and was always very active in sports. However, it wasn't until she attended college that she was introduced to the vertical world of climbing and immediately fell in love. While attending school her passion for climbing and the outdoors continued to grow. This led her to obtain a bachelor's degree from Southern Utah University in Outdoor Recreation with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. She has been climbing for eight years, was a member of the Utah Climbing Club and enjoys climbing plastic, rock and ice. Taylor Staff

Mercedes Cademartori - Retail Manager

Evident by her overuse of the words "dude" and "like", Mercedes hailed from Southern California before moving to Provo. She climbs because she relishes solving the puzzles that climbing presents in the form of boulder problems and sport routes. She lives for the feeling that topping out hard worked projects brings, and loves most the feeling of friendliness and passion that the climbing community exudes. When she is not climbing she is training dogs, camping, hiking, or doing anything that allows her to breath fresh air and see sky's full of stars. Before joining the momentum team, she found herself aboard the boats of The World Famous Jungle Cruise as a Skipper at the Disneyland resort. Keep crushing!Merc Staff

Pieper Andrews - Lehi Membership Manager

Originally from Olympia, Washington, Pieper fell in love with Utah’s mountains when she moved here ten years ago. Now she considers this home. Skiing from a young age, she had dreams of being in the Olympics. A knee injury derailed her goals but she continues to fall in love with the sport over and over again. She was introduced to climbing 6 years ago by her husband, Derek. He is her biggest motivator and favorite climbing partner. She is currently working on a degree in Family Studies at UVU, hoping to get her masters in Speech Pathology.Pieper Staff

Jarom Pueblo

Jarom grew up in the suburbs north of Denver, but has been in north Utah County for so long the roots have settled in.
He started climbing in ’96 but in the last three years he has been able to go climbing regularly.
His favorite place to climb? American Fork Canyon is the closest… but enjoys everywhere. He likes the challenges that each route provides.
Jarom Staff

Jeff Skalla

Jeff grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and started climbing about years ago at City Rock Climbing Gym on their competitive climbing team. Jeff moved to Utah a year ago and loves to climb in Little Cottonwood Canyon, American fork canyon, and Little Rock Canyon. Jeff is primarily a boulderer, and is trying to break into the double digits on the V scale. He's an ambassador for friction labs chalk and Be Somebody blog. He's also a Wilderness First Responder and also works at Infinite Cycles. Jeff has plans to go to UVU and major in Outdoor Recreation Management. Jeff Staff

James Bridge

Funtopia Assistant Manager
I love climbing on quartzite so I usually love to climb in big cottonwood canyon. I climb to clear my head and find peace within myself. I have lived here my whole life so naturally I ski also and I'm starting to hang glide now too. I love all of the outdoor sports we get to enjoy here in Utah. Nature is my safe haven.James Staff

Aaron Stout

Aaron is from Alpine, Utah and has been climbing for just over a year. His favorite place to climb is Little Cottonwood Canyon. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree is Psychology and Gender Studies and has been accepted to graduate school to get a Masters in Social Work. When he's not climbing outside or at the gym I am playing with my two year old boxer, Lily.
Aaron recently returned from his first big mountain summit, where he climbed Mount Rainer in Washington.

Aaron Staff

Natasha Hodges

Natasha grew up in Elk Ridge, Utah, and has been climbing since she was 8 years old, but have only gotten into it more seriously these past few years. Her favorite place to climb would have to be either American Fork or Maple Canyon! Too hard to decide!Natasha Staff

Micah Taylor

Studying mechanical engineering at the University of Utah with a focus in robotics and/or aeronautics. F=ma
Enjoy weight lifting, running, swimming and cycling. Triathlons are sweet.
I love sport and trad climbing as well as deep water soloing. My favorite styles are tall and exposed multi pitch routes. Feel the wind!! But you can't quite beat the feeling of sending a rad route with nothing but a large body of water of questionable temperature to protect you
Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.
- Anatoli Boukreev
Micah Staff

Matt Ward

Matt Ward is a grown man technically, but a HUGE kid at heart. Playing and laughing are his favorite flavors. Bikes, Running, Dancing, CLIMBING CLIMBING CLIMBING and oh .....also he LOVES climbing. He's a walking oxymoron..focus on the moron. A dirtbag van living hippie who is OCD organized and clean. He annoys/embarrasses his kids on the regular but luckily none of them can drive yet so they still hang out with him. When he is not at work you will likely find this wacko in the desert having a dance party with stinky climbers! 120516LEHI_PORTRAITS3743

Katy Seeberger

Katy does not possess the skill of writing self bios and loves to instead chat in person. Feel free to find her in the gym and start a conversation! She loves to talk climbing, canyoneering, snowboarding, gear, travel, wildlife, biology, kayaking, backpacking or just about any other outdoor adventure to be had. Or books that encourage pursuits of such topics, recommendations welcome!120516LEHI_PORTRAITS3747

Hannah Chipman

Bio Coming Soon!LHI_STAFF_PORTRAIT_WEB20170306-4879