Adult Bouldering League Party RSVP


What is this?

It is the grand finale of our adult bouldering league season. The comp/party will start at 6:30 at our Lehi, UT location, we recommend showing up at least 15 min early in order to meet with your team and allow us to explain the rules and format. Momentum will provide catering by Yoshi’s and refreshments, just bring shoes and a chalk bag.

Comp Format: “Team Flash Format”

This format attempts to combine some of the fun elements of an On-sight style competition with the social atmosphere we all love about the League. About half the Lehi Bouldering area will be used for the competition.

The comp area will be divided into zones.
Each zone will contain 4 boulder problems of varying difficulty.
Each team will have 10 minutes to climb in each zone as a group.
After each zone, Teams will be able to rest while another team climbs, This will allow us to get more people participating at one time.
Each team member may attempt any route they would like but may only submit one ‘tick’ from each zone.
Climbers may watch other teams climb, eat and drink food, heckle, climb outside of the competition area, mingle, etc. In other words, this a very relaxed competition.

Comp Ranking:

Each climber will be competing for an individual score as well as a team score.
Individual ranking will be determined by total points earned with ties broken by total # of attempts.
Team ranking will be determined by the total points earned by all team members with ties broken by total # of attempts by all team members.
Climbers will each be responsible for submitting their scorecard at the end of climbing. Submitting your scorecard enters you into the prize raffle.