Adult Bouldering League – Season 7

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What is the Adult Bouldering League?
Momentum’s Adult Bouldering League is a social league in which groups of climbers will meet once a week to climb together and earn points for their team. Each climbing session will begin with a huddle hosted by our League Facilitator in which updates and developments will be shared. Team standings will be posted weekly. Teams must be co-ed and can carry between 4 and 6 team members, 18 and older.

What is new for Season 7: At a Glance
Participant feedback from Season 6  has helped us improve our offering for Season 7. Here are a few of the notable changes:

  • New T-shirt Design
  • New Sponsors for Raffle

League Meeting Times & Schedule:

Millcreek: Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm hosted by Sam
Lehi: Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm hosted by Jarom
Sandy: Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm hosted by Jon

Seasonal Info.

  • To join: participants must pay at desk in the gym, AND register on (T-shirt Deadline 05/10)

  • The League will run 7 weeks from 05/01-06/14.

  • Meetups are @7:30 on Tuesday at Millcreek, Wednesday at Lehi, and Thursday at Sandy.

  • Join as a free agent, or create a co-ed team with 4-6 people.

  • Cost: $23+tax, registration does not include entry to the facility.

End of Season Party/Competition:  03/23 @ 6:30pm at our Lehi Location!

A Few Perks:

-Access to Klimbz App with weekly posted league standings
-Momentum league coordinator to facilitate league meet-ups each week
-Sponsors for our end of season raffle!
-End of season party with food and drinks!

Fee: $23. Pay at the front desk by the first night of your League.

The Details:

Register individually through Klimbz (button at top). On the first league night (and subsequent nights for late comers) we will host a tutorial on how to use the Klimbz app. Through the app, Team Captains will sign up with a team name which their teammates can then find and join. Teams will record their progress in the Klimbz app where it will be published and ranked against other teams.


Get your friends together and form a team! Teams must contain between 4-6 people and must be co-ed. All team members must be adults age 18 or older. Don’t know anyone to form a team with? Register below as a ‘free agent’ and we will find a home for you.

Scoring & Ranking

Boulder Problem Points – Using the V-Max Handicap System

Setting your V-Max: Think of the highest grade you have been able to complete recently with some regularity. That will be your “Max V”. Your points are then derived from that baseline.

V-MAXClimbed: V0Climbed: V1Climbed: V2Climbed: V3Climbed: V4Climbed: V5Climbed: V6Climbed: V7Climbed: V8Climbed: V9
V180 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts------
V260 pts80 pts 100 pts120 pts140 pts-----
V340 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts----
V420 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts---
V50 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts--
V60 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts-
V70 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V80 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts
V90 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts

Example: a V5 climber who climbs a V5 receives 100 points, if they climb a V4 then they receive 80 points and a V6 would be at 120 points. With the Handicap System, any climber who climbs a boulder that is the same grade as their V-Max will receive 100 points. This allows climbers of all abilities to earn points in equal measure for their team. Our table only goes to two grades above your current V-Max in order to discourage cheating (sandbagging). If you feel you have gotten stronger, you can update your V-Max by contacting your ABL Facilitator.

Weekly Team Score = The top 5 hardest boulders completed by each team member, divided by the number of team members in attendance.
Team Ranking: will be calculated as the sum of team’s weekly scores.

Boulder problems logged for points must be ‘sent’ during the league meetup. All points must be logged in a timely manner to maintain leader board accuracy.
Each boulder problem can only be counted once per team member, per season (repeats aren’t worth points).

Questions? –