We put as much care into designing our Fitness Area as we do our climbing walls. Unlimited access to the Fitness Area is included in your Momentum Membership.

  • World class equipment from ROGUE
  • Free weights
  • Cardio machines
  • Moon Board
  • Woody in both 30 degrees and 45 degrees
  • Lattice Training System
  • Poutre (Beam training)
  • Hangboards
  • Campus Boards

Are these training areas new or foreign to you? Join our Learn to Train class to begin navigating the climbing specific apparatuses.


Instructors are creating work outs that target general strength and conditioning aiding climbers and non climbers alike. Every member has free access to our group fitness classes.

Invite your friends: Members come to class for free! Non – members can drop in for $10

  • “Discipline Training with Jordan” – this class incorporates Strong Man, Olympic Lifting, Climbing Training and Crossfit modalities.
  • “Full Body with David” – this class focuses on strength, balance, and stability. Mondays are Upper Body, Wednesdays are Lower Body.

No registration necessary! Show up for class and get your sweat on!

Stop by the front desk at Momentum Katy or click the button below to see the schedule!



Find your center of gravity, you’ll need it for that slab problem. Our Yoga offering includes a variety of classes and instructors that will help you build your flexibility, core strength, mental composure, and more.  Regular yoga classes are free to Momentum Members, classes and times vary per location.

Fitness and Yoga Schedule
Class Descriptions & Workshops


Working one-on-one with a coach is the best way to look into your areas of strength and weakness! Your session will start with a skills evaluation where your coach  identifies  areas of your technique may need improvement. From there, you and your coach will work together to bring these areas up to par so you can accomplish your goals.

Personal Instruction can be used to refine bouldering skills, prepare for a competition or upcoming outdoor adventure, or just to increase your power and endurance. No matter what you are looking for; we can help! Working with our talented coaches will help you reach your goals!

Personal instruction can be booked in blocks of 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.

To schedule your first session email

Stop by the front desk at Momentum Katy to learn more.


The lattice board was originally conceived as an idea to analyze whether a training program design was effective. The best starting point for a training program is an objective view of a climber’s current performance. With the Lattice Board, you can now profile a climber, pinpoint the weak and strong points in muscle function while informing the design of an effective training program. Climbing performance can be written off as a factor of technique, tactics or psychology; the lattice board allows us to really test what’s going on at a physical level. Accessing the Lattice team’s extensive database helps identify which physical factors are limiting you as a climber.


You must have the ability to consistently on-sight V5 to gain value from this assessment.

If you are climbing under this grade, you could benefit more from our movement classes, including V3 and V5.  Movement patterns learned in these classes are fundamental for success in the lattice assessment.


  • Pre assessment reviewed by Lattice assessor
  • Lattice Assessment – 90 min
  • Data reviewed by Lattice team; results are compared against international database of climbers results
  • Individualized post assessment report
  • Post assessment review with Lattice assessor -20 min
  • Available for a limited time at $199 for all of the above!

To schedule your assessment email