Yes, we are open!

Things to Know:

  • As of Monday 06/15/2020 we have reopened for both members and guests with no reservation needed!

    Guest Passes will be in effect for members!

    If you’re new to the gym, we’d definitely encourage you to book into a Learn to Belay class on your first visit.

  • Please help us stop the spread of disease by adhering to our basic safety protocols:

      • If you feel sick, you must stay home. This is not only a state mandate, but it is the responsible thing to do. Please do not risk spreading illness to your friends and community
      • Please wash your hands before, during, and after climbing. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout the gym. Please use it!
      • Visitors must wear face masks at all times while in the gym. This includes during check in, in the restrooms and locker rooms, while climbing, exercising, and while belaying.
        • This change is in effect as of July 2nd, 2020 due to an order from Texas State Governor, Greg Abbott.
        • You can view the order by clicking here.
          • Now that this order has been removed, we are hoping to one day soon make a change to our masking policy. With the roll-out of vaccines, we want to give our community the opportunity to get vaccinated, if they choose to, before making a broad change to the mask policy.
          • Thank you for your patience while we navigate this challenge for both the health of our community as well as our business.
          • For now and until further notice, the policy will remain in place. 
      • Members must respect 6 feet of social distance. We sincerely understand the desire to hug all of our friends, but for the time being, we ask that you keep your distance.
      • Certain areas of the gym may have limited capacity to avoid crowds
      • Street shoes and approach shoes will not be allowed on the climbing walls, you must wear climbing shoes. If you do not have them, members can use Momentum rental shoes free of charge.
      • No cash transactions will be accepted at this time.
  • Members are strongly requested to bring their scan cards to help expedite the check in process.

    If you need to make a change to your membership, most updates (billing update, freeze, cancellations) can be completed online here. 

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All visitors must enter the gym through the lobby and check-in at the front desk. At the end of your visit, you can go out the same way you came in. Its definitely helpful to check-out with the front desk staff so we can better monitor our overall occupancy!

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