While we are not currently operating on any state mandated occupancy limit, based on our overall occupancy limit, we have approximated that no more than 400 visitors may be in the gym at any time. In peak times, we may need to give preference to members or require advanced bookings, but generally no reservation is currently required at Katy. Feel free to give us a call before your visit!

We want as many members as possible to get the chance to climb. With our capacity limitation, we’re significantly limited in how many people can come through our doors in a given week, but generally there is no time limit on your visit. 

All visitors must wear face masks times while in the gym. This includes during check in, in the restrooms and locker rooms, while climbing, exercising, and while belaying. This change is in effect as of July 2nd, 2020 in part due to an executive order from the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. Even though this order has been rescinded, we are keeping the policy in place for the time being and are committed to evaluating the policy on a regular basis.

We are monitoring gym capacity to make sure we stay in compliance with state and county guidelines, but once inside the facility, you are welcome to move around and use any of our amenities. Please note that there may be additional capacity recommendations for small spaces and you may be subject to some short waits as people finish up their workouts and filter out.

If you’ve already completed your belay certifications, you may come in at your convenience. The slowest times are usually during the week and during the daytime hours. We are definitely busier in the evenings and on weekends! 

Absolutely! Guest passes are back in effect for members as well as Free Friend Friday. For our guests, you may absolutely bring a friend, but please reserve your spot in a belay class if its your first time to the gym!

We are excited to announce that we can again offer Birthday Parties and Group Events. Certain restrictions apply but please view our party and group options and feel free to book online!


Absolutely! But if you run out of punches and want to keep climbing, please consider signing up for a membership. Aww Yeah. 

Yes! You can take advantage of our 2-Week Trial membership. This includes 2-Weeks of full membership, rental gear, belay instruction, and a waived enrollment fee. Normally this is $59 but we are running a reopen special at $34. Limit one per customer! 

We have reinstated our cleaning contractors and they are cleaning the gyms five nights a week after closure. In addition, our staff is constantly on the prowl with a rag and disinfectant spray to wipe down high touch surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, and water fountains. We will also be adding additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the gyms to make sure you are always only a few steps away from Covid-Killing-Goo!

We wish we knew! This question is simply impossible to answer right now. Time will tell! If the spread of the virus and reported cases continue to decrease and the state is able to continue to ease the restrictions on gatherings and business then hopefully this is the first step on our path back to normal operations. If there ends up being a resurgence in cases though, we might have to continue our limited operation or even restrict things further. That is why, more than ever, we need to follow the rules, support and adhere to the restrictions given to us by the state, and be kind and supportive of one another. A second outbreak that closes down Momentum and other climbing gyms would be devastating! Check out the most recent Executive Order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott by clicking here.

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