Momentum ProLo Session 1

prolo2Momentum’s ProLo Session 1 is coming up on January 23rd! It’s your chance, as a local, to climb alongside many of the biggest pro’s in climbing at Momentum Lehi. There will be music, food, TONS of swag and free gear to win, and challenging problems for every level of climber. Come out and experience the best bouldering gym in Utah!

The Beta

  • Momentum ProLo Session 1
  • Momentum Lehi
  • Friday, January 23, 2015
  • 6pm to 9pm
  • Free to all members; regular day rates apply for non-members
  • No sign up necessary!

The Lo’s: Who are they?

Locals! This is an extraordinary chance for you, the local climber, to learn from the best. It doesn’t matter if you climb v1 or v8, there is beta and tricks to learn for every level of climber. Momentum want’s our locals to get the best experience possible from our gyms, so why not learn from the best climbers in the world? While we’re at it, we thought we might as well throw a party! Come climb, eat, win free swag, and climb some more!

The Pro’s: Who will you be climbing with?

Chris Sharma: THE climbing legend! The man hardly needs an introduction. We are very excited to have Chris come throw down with us at the ProLo Session 1. Chris has established many incredible lines throughout the world and is one of the friendliest guys we have ever met. He has an incredible eye for beta and will be the guy to talk to for tips and tricks.  We are psyched to have him!

Paul Robinson:
 This bouldering specialist has established and repeated many V15 and equivalent ascents throughout the United States, South Africa and Europe. Paul has placed in a variety of high level competitions including his first place finish at the 2008 ABS National Championships and third at the IFSC Bouldering World Cup that same year. Paul has completed several of the nation’s hardest boulder problems with accents of Jade (V14), Terremer (V15) and his own problem Lucid Dreaming (V15). With unbelievable finger strength and good flexibility, Paul will most likely excel at the crimpier more technical problems at the ProLo.

Steven Jeffrey: A true local professional, Steven is a world-renowned climber and also one of Momentum’s top route setters. In his spare time, Steven has been working on a new guide book for Joe’s Valley, due out later this year.

Carlo Traversi: Hailing from Santa Rosa, California; Carlo Traversi began rock climbing at the age of 14. The local gym, Vertex Climbing Center, became his second home in a matter of months and the supportive community of local climbers inspired him to perfect his abilities both on plastic and rock. Frequent trips to Bishop, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe during his teenage years also played a huge role in sculpting the climber that he is today. Upon turning 18, Carlo ventured east to Boulder, Colorado where he established roots at the Spot Bouldering Gym, where he worked as the Head Route Setter, and within the highly motivated local community. Within the last five years, he has managed continued progress a climber, culminating with a spring 2011 ascent of The Game V15, considered to be one of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Today, Carlo spends as much time possible traveling and experiencing the world, climbing the hardest boulders, producing media, and teaching clinics for Professional Climbers International.

Nina Williams: Nina began climbing in New Hampshire in 2002 and later joined a team in Rhode Island. She balanced school, training, and competing with weekend trips to Rumney before moving to Colorado in 2010. During the past three years she has focused on training and pushing her limits, making podium at several competitions including the 2012 and 2013 Portland Boulder Rally, the 2012 Aesthetic Invitational, and the 2013 Dogpatch Finals. She placed 8th at the 2013 ABS Nationals and went on to finish 18th at the 2013 Vail World Cup. She loves getting outdoors as much as possible, spending extended amounts of time in areas such as Hueco Tanks, TX; Joe’s Valley, UT; Rocklands, South Africa; and Grampians, Australia. She recently topped out her first V12, and has multiple V11’s and 10’s under her belt. She currently lives with her boyfriend in Boulder, CO, planning for the next big adventure.

Alex Puccio: Alex is a professional climber specializing in bouldering. She competes in climbing competitions and splits her time between climbing outdoor and indoor.  She regularly participates in United States national championship and the World Cup Climbing Federation. She finished 3rd overall in the World Cup bouldering competition in 2011 and won the American Bouldering Series eight times. She can also do more one arm pull-ups than you can, any day of the week!

Meagan Nicole Martin:  Powerhouse boulderer, former Division 1 pole vaulter, and American Ninja Warrior!  Meagan Martin, is competitive rock climber and a four-time member of the U.S. Rock Climbing National Team and has traveled around the globe competing in the sport. She is also a local favorite at the annual free-water PsicoComp hosted in Park City, Utah.

Jon Cardwell: Jon is one of the strongest climbers we have ever met. With ascents of Dreamtime 8b+, and a one hour killing of Ode To the Modern Man 8b+, Jon is easily an elite in the climbing world.  Jon’s send of The Crew 8c+, after broken holds, the formerly 8c route proves to be a lot harder and one of Jon’s hardest. Jon will undoubtedly have the strength and endurance to be a huge contender at the ProLo Session 1!