Limiting gym access helps reduce crowds and ensure social distancing in an effort to lower the risk of virus transmission at the gym.

We want as many members as possible to get the chance to climb. With our capacity limitation, we’re significantly limited in how many people can come through our doors in a given week. Limiting the number of reservations is an effort to give more people the opportunity to climb.

Yes! Climbers who schedule all four of their climbing slots but hope to get in more sessions are welcome to look at the reservation window for any given day. If you see unreserved spaces, you are welcome to come to the gym and wait for the new session to begin. Once we check in all of the reserved climbers, we will use the standby group to fill in unclaimed spots or any left open by no-shows. Additionally, the 4 visits/week limitation is for a single gym. You may also sign up to climb at another Momentum gym in the region.

We are monitoring gym capacity to make sure we stay in compliance with state and county guidelines, but once inside the facility, you are welcome to move around and use any of our amenities. Please note that there may be additional capacity recommendations for small spaces and you may be subject to some short waits as people finish up their workouts and filter out.

Reservations will open one week in advance and will remain open until one hour before the window starts. As long as there’s capacity you can sign up!

No. Reservations slots can not be swapped or traded. One of the main goals of this system is to reduce the amount of time we spend working face to face with you in order to reduce the risk of exposure. Explaining how I traded my spot with a friend of a friend is an unnecessary conversation. Remember you do have the ability to grab a drop in spot if the reservation does not fill!

Please give us a call at the gym and we can take care of that for you!

As long as you are within the booking window for a particular reservation and there is availability within the time slot, absolutely! However if you cancel a reservation, and that time slot then fills you will not be able to reinstate your booking.

Please only book for yourself and your household. 

Options vary by region. Call your primary gym for more information. If you run out of punches but want to keep climbing, please consider signing up for a membership!

Yes! You can reserve a climbing time online just like a regular member. Please remember that we are not offering instruction at this time. This includes belay instruction. This may limit you to bouldering and fitness only.

We have reinstated our cleaning contractors and they are cleaning the gyms seven nights a week after closure. In addition, our staff is constantly on the prowl with a rag and disinfectant spray to wipe down high touch surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, and water fountains. We will also be adding additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the gyms to make sure you are always only a few steps away from Covid-Killing-Goo!

We wish we knew! This question is simply impossible to answer right now. Time will tell! If the spread of the virus and reported cases continue to decrease and the state is able to continue to ease the restrictions on gatherings and business then hopefully this is the first step on our path back to normal operations. If there ends up being a resurgence in cases though, we might have to continue our limited operation or even restrict things further. That is why, more than ever, we need to follow the rules, support and adhere to the restrictions given to us by the state, and be kind and supportive of one another. A second outbreak that closes down Momentum and other climbing gyms would be devastating! Please help be a part of the solution!

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