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Indoor Climbing Classes

At Momentum Climbing School, we respect the individual pursuits and goals of climbers regardless of age, experience, ability or gender. Our instructors love rock climbing in all its forms, and aim to help each individual climber find his or her own path to climbing mastery. Of all the challenges facing aspiring climbers, the acquisition of effective movement skill is the most difficult. Our classes and clinics are focused on this movement challenge, helping climbers to have fun while making the most of their time and abilities.

The Salt Lake City area is home to many experienced climbing instructors of diverse experience and background; Momentum Climbing school will find the ideal instructor to help you reach your goals, or to help you prepare for your next climbing adventure. In order to fit almost any schedule or budget, Momentum Climbing School offers instruction in the following formats: group clinics, one or two-person classes, and personal coaching (one or two-person).


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