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Fun climbing instruction for the youngest climbers in the family!



ABC Kids Climbing at momentum

ABC Kids from Jonathan Vickers on Vimeo.


Shaping a foundation of Movement

We are excited to introduce ABC's individual climbing sessions, based on age and climbing experience. 

ABC is offering separate classes known as ABC Mini Koalas, ABC Koalas, and ABC Monkeys.

  • ABC Kids Climbing at Momentum focuses on developing agility, balance and coordination for youth ages 3-7
  • ABC encourages independence through purposeful play and climbing
  • ABC inspires confidence and self-esteem in an environment with dedicated instructors who facilitate exploration


Class Descriptions


abc Mini koalas: ages 3-4 

This introductory class is for the little ones, ages 3 & 4, who are new to climbing. Our goal is to be active, have fun, and of course, gain a love for climbing. Meets for 1 hour/1x per week.

ABC Koalas i: ages 5-7 

ABC Koalas' I goal is to prepare climbers for a future in climbing, beginning from the ground up. Meets for 1.5 hours/1x per week.


If your Koala already knows how to tie the Figure 8 Follow Through, and can recite the climbing commands- then ABC Koalas II is the class for them! Meets for 1.5 hours/1x per week.

ABC Monkeys*: Ages 5-7

Monkeys are kids with climbing experience, who desire to develop their climbing even more. Your Monkeys will reach new heights with this class. Meets for 1.5 hours/1x per week (Option available for 2x/week with Membership included)

*Referral from an instructor is required prior to registering for the class. 






3:30-5pm Koalas II

5-6:30pm Koalas I



4-5pm Mini Koalas

4:30-6pm Monkeys




3:30-5pm Koalas I

5-6:30pm Koalas II


4-5pm Mini Koalas

4:30-6pm Monkeys



Mini Koalas: $59/Month

Koalas I/II: $79/Month

Monkeys (1x/week): $79/Month

Monkeys (2x/week): $109/Month; Membership included


Frequently asked questions

Which class is right for my child?

If your child is new to climbing, or has only climbed a handful of times, the best class is either Koalas I (for ages 5-7) or Mini Koalas (for ages 3-4). We focus on building a foundation of the basics of climbing so that your child can continue to climb for years to come. If your child is consistently climbing 5.6 or higher- Koalas II (ages 5-7) is right for your climber.

Does the class run in sessions?

No, the class runs on a monthly EFT throughout the whole year, your climber can join at any time that’s convenient for you.

How does payment work?

1.  You may try the first month of class in a one-month prepaid option. After that, you will need to enroll in EFT.

2. EFT- (electronic funds transfer)- similar to the way that we do memberships, you will get billed on the 15th of every month, you will specify which account you would like the monthly dues to be withdrawn from.

Do parents need to stay for the class?

No! We’ve noticed that if parents stay during the whole class time, kids get distracted. It works very well for parents to drop their child off, and come back for pickup. Of course we love for you to see the progress that your climber has made- please ask an instructor when a good time is for you to watch!

What does my climber need to bring to class?

Send your climber with a water bottle, and in comfortable clothing. We will provide the climbing shoes and the climbing harness during class time.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

 We like to keep classes small- the teacher to student ratio is 1:5 for ages 5-7; 1:4 for ages 3-4.

Can my child try it out once, before we commit to a full month?

Yes! Your child may attend a free practice during the first week of the month. This must be scheduled in advance, through the front desk.


(Space is limited. Please call ahead to add name at front desk to waitlist )

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Questions about ABC CLimbing?


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